Press Release: Furlong’s Soundness Center


B.W. Furlong and Associates to Open Furlong’s Soundness Center

Media Contact: Amber Heintzberger, 828-289-0658,

2014-04-09 – Oldwick, NJ – The Furlong’s Soundness Center will be opening in early May, 2015. Located near the main B.W. Furlong & Associates veterinary clinic in the horse country of New Jersey, the new facilities will be dedicated to equine rehabilitation, and will also offer reproduction services.

“My philosophy is that having been an equine practitioner for approximately 35 years, we’ve made great advances in diagnosing injuries in horses, but we lag behind in the treatment and rehabilitation,” said Dr. Brendan Furlong. “With the standing MRI becoming more commonplace and understood in diagnosing injuries, we now need to set a higher standard for how these injuries are treated. The fix is not always an injection or a drug; after having undergone major shoulder surgery myself, I realized we have to take rehabilitation of horses more seriously, and that is what I’m intending to do.”

With a primary focus on the rehabilitation of injuries and disease processes, the facilities will feature the most sophisticated, state of the art modalities available, and horses will be cared for directly under veterinary supervision. While several equine rehabilitation centers exist in the United States, notably Kesmarc in Lexington, KY and the Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center in Maryland, they are geared primarily to racehorses.

“Maybe racehorse people recognized early on a need for physio and rehab, but I think it’ll become more mainstream and I want to be in on the ground floor so to speak,” said Dr. Furlong. “I think that what sets us apart is although veterinary care is not mandated at rehab facilities, ours will be strictly managed under veterinary supervision.”

The new facilities feature a 12-stall barn, Euro style horse walker, space for individual turnout for every horse, and a climate controlled therapy barn. The therapy barn will house a state of the art water treadmill, cold salt-water spa, and regenerative laser, as well as electromagnetic therapy modalities and acupuncture and chiropractic stations. There is also a Horse Gym USA Relax machine, a unique machine with a vibrating surface which utilizes three-dimensional movement to improve circulation to the limbs. It has a solarium equipped with infrared lamps for warmth, increased circulation and healing rates, and keeping muscles loose.

Dr. Furlong and Dr. Sarah Gold are currently undergoing training through The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine’s Equine Rehabilitation Certification Program, which is the first and only university-based certification course. Dr. Wendy Leich-Furlong will be providing acupuncture and chiropractic services. “The whole family is involved in the new rehab center and it is of particular interest to our son Jonathan, who is in vet school in Melbourne, Australia and previously earned his Masters degree in sports medicine and exercise physiology at the University of Virginia,” said Dr. Furlong.

“We work with a lot of high performance horses, but we will work with any horse referred to us and we’ve set the number at 12 because it’s very labor-intensive,” said Dr. Furlong. “We’re excited to offer this through our practice; it’ll be a separate entity but run through the main office, with dedicated staff at the rehab center. Blake Schechtman, who will be managing the facility, brings a wealth of more than 15 years’ experience with upper level competition horses. She worked a number of years for show jumper Kevin Babington as an assistant trainer, caring for Carling King during the Olympics and European Championships, and has been running her own barn for the past five years. Everything will be top-notch.”

The center will also have a separate, smaller barn for reproduction clientele. High risk pregnancies, mares being bred with frozen semen, and stallions coming in for semen collection will be housed separately and will have their own turnout areas. Dr. Misty Gold and board certified internal medicine specialist Dr. Rachel Gardner will be overseeing the care of these cases.




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