Press Release: Long Island Veterinary Services

23 January, 2015 – Huntington, Long Island — One of the premier veterinary practices in North America, B.W. Furlong and Associates is expanding its practice in Long Island with the ambulatory services of Dr. Emily Olson.

Dr. Brendan Furlong, who has been the US Team Vet for 5 Olympic Games as well as numerous World Championship and Pan-Am teams, explained that his practice has had clients in Long Island for 25 years. Last year Dr. Billy Hodge became the clinic’s Long Island representative, but when he decided to move to the West Coast, Dr. Olson, a well-rounded general practitioner, was the obvious choice to take over.

“She is familiar with our operations and understands the scope of our business,” said Dr. Furlong. “She has a wide array of skill sets and is very self-motivated. She handles sport horse evaluations, imaging, and is particularly skilled in equine dentistry and emergency services.”

Centrally based in Huntington, with her fully equipped ambulatory unit, Dr. Olson can cover all of Long Island, as well as parts ofWestchester County, NY and southern Connecticut. Clients range from backyard ponies and retirees to world-class performance horses, with an emphasis on sport horses.

“Billy had focused a lot on sports medicine and lameness, which is a strong focus of our practice,” she said. “I can meet all of your sport horse needs as well as the more general needs of your horses.”

Dr. Olson is currently developing a membership type wellness program for horse owners that will streamline health care and save horse owners money on annual expenses.

Dr. Furlong said, “Dr. Olson has learned a lot in her time working as an associate in our practice in New Jersey, covering everything from hospital cases to pre-purchase exams to emergency work. She truly cares about horses and people and is very motivated to make the expansion of our practice in Long Island a success.”
ABOUT B.W. Furlong & Associates

B.W. Furlong and Associates, in business for over 35 years, is an exclusively equine practice located in northwestern New Jersey. Providing a multi-dimensional approach to equine veterinary medicine, the staff works together as a team to ensure that every client and patient receives world-class service. The veterinarians have provided over 20 years of veterinary services at World Championships, Pan-Am and Olympic Games, across multiple disciplines. The practice, which provides both clinical and ambulatory services throughout the northeastern United States, handles sport horse, show horse, and pleasure horse caseloads. In addition to a standing MRI unit in New Jersey, the practice has satellite services in Florida, Virginia, and Long Island . For more information, visit

To contact Dr. Emily Olson, call 908-625-6532 or email

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