Labor of Love: Pam Wildman Welcomes Mango

Our client, Pam Wildman has struggled to get her lovely mare Denmark in foal. We lent her our expertise and a little bit of Irish luck and 380 days later ‘Mango’ was born at Shelbourne Farm. Mango is by Maximus, a German Warmblood, (Mynos/Coralie (Cor de la Bryere) out of Denmark, a Danish Warmblood, (A-Dur – Argentinus son /Maika)

From Pam: 
Denmark was a top show hunter until she had a career ending injury at the age of 11. We unsuccessfully tried breeding her for 3 years prior to moving her to Shelbourne Farm. We decided to try changing stallions and to breed her to Emil Spadone’s younger very promising stallion, Maximus. 

It was a labor of love to get this mare in foal. Dr. Gray followed her ovulation carefully and she and Dr. Leitch inseminated her on consecutive days. Dr. Brendan Furlong called to tell me that he has an Irish superstition where you must come bless your mare after she is inseminated to give her luck, it worked!  She took on the first try!  Dr. Gray followed her pregnancy very carefully, Dr. Gardner ultrasounded her when she was so late. Mango was finally born on May 14th after 380 days!! 

Dr. Gray and the entire Furlong team never gave up hope. We rebred Denmark to Maximus again a few weeks ago, once again she took on the first try. Mango will have a full sibling next May. 

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