Colleagues and Friends Gather in Wellington to Honor Dr. John Steele’s Dedication to the Horse Industry

Oldwick, NJ – At 86 years old, Dr. John Steele’s influence on the equine industry is profound. Still an actively practicing veterinarian and enjoying his work – Dr. Steele was surprised by his colleagues and friends at a dinner hosted in his honor on Monday, March 19. 
“When I was thinking about organizing this at Christmas, we were having a family discussion about it and my youngest son said, I should give him a lifetime of inspiration award,” said Dr. Furlong. “He has been a tremendous inspiration.”

Dr Steele
Dr. Brendan Furlong, Dr. John Steele and Dr. Ben Schachter
(photo courtesy of Dr. Sarah Gold) 

Dr. Brendan Furlong, Dr. Kit Miller and Dr. Steve Soule invited a group of people who have been influenced by Dr. Steele to the dinner. Having spent more than 60 years in the industry making a guest list was a large undertaking. A small group of Dr. Steele’s colleagues and former and present employees recognized the influence he has had on their careers and the horse industry at Dr. Miller’s home in the Palm Beach Polo Club. Dr. Furlong and Dr. Steele both spoke. “Dr. Steele spoke about the what a wonderful experience it has been to be able to devote his life to horses and horse people,” said Furlong. It was an emotional night, one filled with stories of a career that has spanned the better part of a century. 


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