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Dry Treadmill


Horses are evolutionarily designed to walk, and walking exercise is essential for equine physical and mental health during injury and rehabilitation. Stimulating healing tissues to repair in the face of exercise without stressing them into further injury improves function and reduces the rate of re-injury. The dry treadmill provides this essential component of rehabilitation in a highly controlled manner, allowing patients to gently move while being corrected for straightness and symmetry which is key in rehabilitation. Variable speed and incline settings allows us to 
customize workouts for individual horses and add core and back strengthening components to their programs. All horses are directly monitored by a handler and the equipment is fitted with adjustable photocell and shock sensors to ensure the highest level of safety.
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Water Treadmill


Water provides resistance which adds intensity to the workout without the concussive stress of increased speed. Moving through the water increases range of motion of joints and improves flexibility which is critical in patients with joint disease (ie arthritis). Our water treadmill offers the ability to control the water height and speed of the treadmill, which is tailored to the patient’s needs. This also provides increased cardiovascular fitness and improving the topline. All horses are directly monitored by a handler and the equipment is fitted with adjustable photocell and shock sensors to ensure the highest level of safety.
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Vibration Plate Therapy


Probably our patients most favorite activity, as we notice many horses walk right on for their treatments! Our unique whole body vibration machine with a vibrating plate utilizes three-dimensional movement to evenly distribute pressure on all four limbs. As the plate shifts, the patient is stimulated to rebalance themselves, improving proprioception. Whole body vibration plate therapy has been theorized to stimulate blood circulation, especially in the legs. Regular use improves digestion and has been reported to help prevent colic, which makes it very useful in the treatment of horses on athletic rest. Preliminary veterinary research suggests it to also increase bone density and improves back musculature as well as improving hoof quality.
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Solarium Therapy

FSC-5 (Large)

Our Solarium is attached to our vibrating plate, which is equipped with deep penetrating infrared lamps which can be useful for loosening back muscles and increasing blood circulation by increasing capillary dilation. This increased blood flow through the body results in increased oxygen and nutrients delivery to the cells, and removing metabolic waste. The use of solarium prior to training relaxes the muscles of the back and improves muscle elasticity, benefiting the overall training process.In addition, infrared light has been shown to stimulate immunity and provide Vitamin D, which is vital for bone health.
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Saltwater Hydrotherapy Spaspa

This modality is extremely beneficial for lower leg injuries by reducing inflammation. Our spa uses cold temperature, aeration, and saltwater therapy to increase its healing benefits. The cold water serves as a topical analgesic and reduces accumulating fluid in areas of concern, while lessening the cellular demand for oxygen. Saltwater has the ability to draw out inflammation and can provide a natural healing effect on wounds. Aeration massages the leg, making it useful in patients with cellulitis.
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Regenerative Laser Therapy

FSC-1 (Large)

High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) allows for high power outputs of deep penetrating energy to be applied to injuries without the risk of damaging superficial tissues. The wavelength of the laser is optimized for specific tissue types to be treated, while also being minimally absorbed by water, melanin, and hemoglobin. This results in dilation of local vessels and the creation of new vessels, increased availability of growth factors and oxygen, and increases energy production of cells. Furthermore, this laser can recruit and direct certain stem cells to orchestrate healing, which is especially in important in chronic injury and the reduction of scar tissue. The laser can be used in acute injury as well as incorporated in the management of chronic conditions.
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Additional Services

We offer handgrazing/handwalking, roundpen and medical paddock turnout and hotwalker exercise so the patient’s stall time is minimized. Acupuncture, chiropractic and spinal manipulation services, nutritional consultation, corrective farriery, and regenerative medicine therapies are also available. All horses receive Life-Aid and Platinum Performance supplementation for the duration of their stay.
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